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An ORIGINAL POSTCARD from the 70's, with a painting of Sylva Zalmanson by the great artist Yosef Kozakovski, with a personal DEDICATION and signature by Sylva Zalmanson to you! 
Your purchase will be used as a donation towards distributing the film

An original 70's Sylva Zalmanson postcard, personally dedicated to you!

  • The story behind this postcard - 
    Yosef was an activist in the Zionist underground in Riga. His house was always open for Jewish people to come, talk about Israel, read in Hebrew and dream of a better life.When he saw Sylva he insisted of drawing her. That was in 1968. A year later the Soviet government released him to Israel as part of their plan to get rid of all the dominant activists, thinking that they left the passive people who won't do a thing. They were wrong.
    After Sylva was arrested, Yosef, who was in Israel, gave his drawing to create a postcard. This painting was also used for posters see examples here.

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